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3 Defining Discipleship At the beginning of his Rule, St. Benedict, the great father of monasticism, says that he seeks to estab- lish a "school of the Lord's service," a place where the disciple may learn to follow Christ through a complete way of life. By forming a community dedicated to learning the Christian life, Benedict sees the disciple as "progressing in the life of con- version and faith that, with heart enlarged and in ineffable sweetness of love, one runs in the way of God's commandments." Every Christian, not just the monks within the monastery, must learn how to live the Christian life to be able to follow Christ with enlarged heart and the sweetness of love. We all need formation with a "school of the Lord's service" to learn how to become disciples of Christ. In a similar way, Saint Thomas Aquinas did not re - duce education to information. Rather, he thought of it as the "upbringing and advancement to the SECTION 1 The Need for Discipleship

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