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School of the Lord's Service: A Framework for Forming Disciples in Catholic Education Office of Catholic Schools © Archdiocese of Denver 2020 We would like to thank the group of teachers who helped create this f ramework: Kelsey Wicks, Scott Dirrane, Jennifer Shankweiler, Joshua Havey, Patty Cisle, Dana Ellis, Danielle Charron, and Erin Thielke. We are also grateful for suggestions made by principals, the Office of Catholic Schools staff, and pastors, particularly Fr. James Goggins, Fr. Héctor Chiapa-Villarreal, Fr. Samuel Morehead, Fr. Jorge Aguera, and Fr. Angel Perez. Thank you to Dr. R. Jared Staudt for serving as editor. Contents Introduction: Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila 1 Section 1: The Need for Discipleship 3 Section 2: Forming Student Disciples 13 Section 3: The Life of a Disciple in the School 26 Section 4: Making Discipleship a Reality 37 Conclusion 45 Resources 47

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